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   Chicago based filmmakers, Brian Ernst and Mitch Brinkman, introduce the world to BUBKES, a show about just that; nothing.

   Every week our hosts bring you tales of the past along with conversation that we can guarantee will end up being about movies, TV, and pop culture.

   BUBKES, the show where the topics don't matter, but the words are true.

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Miami Heat's Chris "Birdman" Andersen has only one post basketball career option

ITS O' BUBKES #1: The Clown

From Episode #10 (Released March 11, 2013)
The Ginger Prince's brother, Andy Brinkman Skyped from Kansas City, MS to discuss the creepy clown portrait hanging in his apartment.

To see Andy's work visit www.brnkillustration.com


ITS O' BUBKES #2: Mugsy

An excerpt from episode #13 Ernst and Brinkman at the Movies. Mitch and Brian recently completed principal photography n frequent BUBKES guest Nathan's graduate thesis project. Indie productions tend to have their challenges and one such experience was Brian wrangling a pooch.