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Happy Side Up (TV Pilot)

Happy Side Up


"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" (2005) meets "Spaced" (1999)


On Chicago's west side, a group of underachieving roommates attempt to course correct their uncertain futures under the watchful eye of their unstable new landlord. 


Happy Side Up documents the momentous shift of impending adulthood that seems to be happening later and later in life for most young people. Nothing makes one grow up faster than finding your landlord dead serving as a pile of fancy feast for the neighborhood cats.  With a vacancy in the feline infested middle apartment, our story begins with the arrival of a new lord of land and Jerry Garcia look-a-like, Chianti.

Cooped up in their classic Chicago, garden, shotgun apartment, childhood best friends Rick, Darrell and Selina share the cramped space with their respective life failures: Rick’s surprising financial cut-off from his participation trophy-era parents, Darrell’s imminent downsizing from his third consecutive corporate job, and Selina’s instability in part-time hell. To make life more complicated, Rick’s twin sister and Darrell’s not-so-secret love interest, Katie, occupies the apartment on the top floor, rounding out the building’s occupancy.

Rick and Katie’s 30th birthday is the first in a line of dominoes to fall, sending our crew on a soul search to get themselves out of their rut. It is on the day of their party that we are introduced to the family/friend dynamic of our pals and how Chiani fits into it all, as well as Rick’s long-time girlfriend, Lydia. Mutually despised by the group, Lydia has the familial resources to make the group’s dream a reality; the means to open a craft brewery.

The irony is thick as our financially strapped group puts all their eggs in the basket of the saturated microbrew industry. With Rick and Katie’s excellent brew taste, Selina’s graphic design abilities, Darrell’s attention to detail and Chianti’s knack for things of questionable legality, our crew has a solid foundation that leads them on a hunt for a brewmaster while dealing with Lydia and her family. A chaotic family handling hyperbolic, yet relatable dysfunction, has friendships tested and lives that have no business being intertwined become intertwined in business. This is Happy Side Up.


Welcome to Wildflower (Animated Pilot)

Welcome to Wildflower


Parks & Recreation meets Rick & Morty…in animated 1845.


A naïve banker-turned-ambassador is forced to prepare the secluded wild west town of Wildflower for its encounter with the recently railroad connected world. 


Wildflower was founded by a group of Puritan-like moralists that fled the lawless town of Murder Valley, which gets its name from the out of control crow population…and its excessive homicide. This group founded Wildflower on the basis that everyone should tell the truth, which soils its roots in the town credo: “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” (Which yes, Friday Night Lights stole from Wildflower)

The town can best be described as that company that only promotes from within. Generation after generation, Wildflower grew to a point where it has plateaued like the landscape it surrounds. Getting stuck in their back-asswards ways has insured that all will be well, as long as external forces don’t work their way into the sheltered town.

The Lucky Ones (Sketch Show)

The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones is a sketch show paying homage to That Mitchell and Webb Look and Mr. Show that is comprised of 50% taped pieces and 50% with a live studio audience. Take a look at some of the sketches we would like to include!

Something Left (Feature)

Something Left


Taking a chance in a new career as a small town reporter, Joel must balance living with his juvenile Uncle and course correcting his unlucky-in-love romantic streak.