Grab your favorite drink and pop that corn, it's movie time! Here you'll find shorts, films, and television projects written and/or produced by UBK Studios. 



Two fugitives are involved in an extraterrestrial hit and run as their attempt at a coverup distracts from the real danger.

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A writer's distractions force his life to spiral out of control as he stammers his way back to the top.

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The Ole Switcharoo.jpg


Your average 90s body swap sitcom tackles the lighthearted topic of terminal illness.

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A less-than-satisfied holiday actor sick of playing the monster unloads on his colleagues while pitching his dream job.

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Sometimes you meet friends in the dirtiest of places. Watch Paul and Marty's new found friendship unfold as they cover everything from detergent to camp, and horses to love. Dirty Laundry, a one room web series.

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Second Wind.jpg


Kevin (Mitch Conti), just got out of a ten year long relationship, and he's only in his twenties. To get him out of his funk, his best friend, David (Nathan Hennenfent) is setting him up with an acquaintance of his, Marta (Katy Foley). Her dog sitting task turns into a first date as Kevin agrees to help her out. David, on the other hand, gets into a whole world of trouble as he mistakes a carjacker for the woman of his dreams in Jennifer (Atra Asdou).

Insanity ensues as Marta and Kevin cross paths with two small time crooks (Mitchell Brinkman & Susaan Jamshidi) and David enters a night that he wasn't prepared for.