The pilot episode of Second Wind was written and directed by Nathan Hennenfent.  Nathan is now a graduate of the London Film School in England, where Second Wind served as his graduate thesis.  He has spent years training in writing, directing, and acting, but was probably qualified for this project already based on how much TV he watches.

Serving as Producers were the Chicago based Mitchell Brinkman and Brian Ernst. Mitch and Brian are the type of multi-talented, hungry, enterprising folks who make things happen.  You can see more of their work at (which you're at, yay!)

Gerardo Guerra, another LFS student served as Cinematographer.  Gerardo will also receive his MA from the LFS in 2013.  He lives and works in Guadalajara, Mexico.

This crew was lucky enough to work with extremely talented actors from the Chicago Area.  Mitch Conti, Katy Foley, Susaan Jamshidi, and Atra Asdou.

First AC Colin Mei, and Sound Recordists Tim Calistro, Nicholas Fanelli, and Dustin Berta all braved the bitter cold of the Chicago Spring and proved invaluable on set.

The last shot of Second Wind.


Opening Credits


     Kevin (Mitch Conti), just got out of a ten year long relationship, and he's only in his twenties. To get him out of his funk, his best friend, David (Nathan Hennenfent) is setting him up with an acquaintance of his, Marta (Katy Foley). Her dog sitting task turns into a first date as Kevin agrees to help her out. David, on the other hand, gets into a whole world of trouble as he mistakes a carjacker for the woman of his dreams in Jennifer (Atra Asdou).

     Hilarity and insanity ensues as Marta and Kevin cross paths with two small time crooks (Mitchell Brinkman & Susaan Jamshidi) and David enters a night that he wasn't prepared for. 

Behind the Scenes