Second Contact Laurels Feb 2018 LArge.png


Written, Directed, & Edited by:

Brian Ernst

Produced by:

Brian Ernst & Mitch Brinkman

Production Sound:

Nathan Hennenfent

Production Design:

Kristin Samuelson Pastore

Makeup Effects:

Megan Caton




Mitch brinkman


Mitch Conti


Cooper Wise



Behind the scenes

"Second Contact" features practical special effects including a monster tail birth and a latex mask to create a visitor resembling a blue primate. The RODE NTG4+ was our primary mic used to capture dialog as well as some foley in post. The Stereo VideoMicPro made its way into the production as well for a run-and-gun style flashback sequence. The alien kill room set was just your average suburban Chicago apartment, decked out with hardware store plastic and an alien body bag to fill it all in.


Take a look at some outtakes and bloopers from Second Contact and how we barely held it together.