"Evil Eyes" Tops Best of 2012 Music Videos

Every year Classic Rock Magazine votes upon their top 30 music video of the year.  We are pleased to announce that "Evil Eyes", directed by Brian Ernst and featuring the acting talents of Mitch Brinkman, was listed at #6!  

Special thanks to Motion Source for allowing us the opportunity to work with them on such a great video.

The video to Evil Eyes has a distinctly voyeuristic vibe, depicting as it does a sleazy, night-stalking individual with a camera, focusing his long-distance lens on all manner of nefarious goings-on. TLV singer Chad Cherry explains: “We wanted to write a tune that people would want to rock out to, feel sexy and dance to… but in reality, the song’s message is creepy as hell. It’s about stalking people, watching them in their private and personal environment behind closed doors doing things they wouldn’t do in front of people… but someone is in the shadows watching it all.”
— GBARTON, Classic Rock Magazine

Check out the video below and head over to the magazine's site after the jump to watch more great videos.