'Driving Mr. Adolph' - A New Sketch from UBK Studios

The casting team of a WWII drama thought they'd seen it all, until Zane Steel turned up.

Guys, seriously...it's been too long. "Driving Mr. Adolph" is the first of a series of sketches we'll have coming out soon. Pop it up full screen, hit that HD button and get that popcorn and soda. We make pretend so you don't have to. Enjoy!

Written & Directed by: Mitch Brinkman, Produced by: Mitch Brinkman & Brian Ernst, Starring: Mitch Brinkman, Nathan Hennenfent, Maggie Winters, Stephen Hoover, Mitch Conti & Chris Kasanders. Filmed and Edited by: Brian Ernst, Colorist: H. Craig Bass. Shot on AJA CION, RED Pro Zoom 18-85mm