Script Tease: A Look at 'Dirty Laundry' on the Page

It was over a year ago that we finished Dirty Laundry. It all started as a challenge to try and amuse ourselves with a story that took place in one room, and what's more communal than the laundry room of a Chicago apartment complex? 

I met all of my best friends in a laundry room.
— Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of these United States

And now we leave for Birmingham, AL to see it screened before an audience. Being the only Chi-Town reps in the episodic category, we can't wait to see our Midwestern accents stand up against our neighbors from the coasts. 

As a gift to you (albeit a gift you probably didn't want, but smile and nod anyway like its a pair of socks knitted by grandma), we wanted to post a few pages from the shooting drafts of DL. 

Happy reading, friends!