Hammer Time: Thoughts Leading to Your Next Video

Photo by  Nicolas Hoizey  on  Unsplash

Running a business is a battle day in and day out. It can be exhausting. If it isn’t, congratulations you’re an owner/operator of an ice cream parlor that runs on robots, and customers never complain because they’re getting ice cream served efficiently by something other than teenagers.

Ride with me here: Let’s say you’re the proud owner of a hammer factory. You make a darn good hammer, good customer reviews, nice distribution to all the regional hardware stores and you’re a total card at the annual Hammer Convention in Orlando, FL.  Running that hammer factory is hard work, it eats up your day, you wish you saw your spouse more often and not to mention more of your children's’ sporting & theater events. Running that hammer factory feels more and more like work, you start to lose the grasp on why you dove into the hammer market to begin with. It gets tougher each morning to rouse yourself to peddle your new, improved Rubber Mallet XL. New customers just aren’t sure why they should buy your hammers and your current clients don’t remember why they bought your hammers in the first place.  It’s time to remind them why you are the local hammer legend. How you earned that nickname, Thor (way before those Marvel movies came out) at the 2002 Hammer Convention.


HammerCon 2012

Orlando, FL

It’s time to remind the world why hammers are your calling and why your hammers are imbued with the best kind of hammering power. Perhaps it all started with the doghouse you built with your Dad at the age of 9, for your border collie mix, Roscoe. Your first hammer built that doghouse that protected Roscoe from the freezing rain and the hot sun. That protection provided Roscoe with a long, happy life and that’s why every dog since has looked a little like 'ole Roscoe boy.  It all started with that hammer, the hammer that built a beautiful life for you and the lives you want to protect.

So let’s tell that story; color outside the lines, get the lighting just right, sand down the rough edges, and get a good grip on what makes your hammers the best. Stand out at the next convention with a visual tale that binds your story with your quality product. 

Let UBK Studios nail it.