Not Your Average Bear

Illustration by Andy Brinkman

Grab your blankets kids, salt the popped corn and don’t forget the kool-aid! I’ve got a tale for you. The tale of an evolution, a lesson of growth and something a bit wild. The tale begins just a few short years ago as we, the guys of UBK Studios, were looking for a spirit animal. Inspiration was needed to point UBK in the right direction and personify how we approach our work and mission. We strive and believe in creating work that is gnarly, beautiful and refined at moments. The search for our beacon landed in an unexpected place but we couldn’t be more pleased. We finally found that mascot, the ideal that will lead our path. That is Business Bear. BizBear for all those into that brevity thing. #BizBear for those into that social thing.

Put your paw up in the air and say hello, BizBear is a kind creature. Know him, respect him, have fun with him. BizBear represents how we operate. Wild at heart, thirsty for cold creeks and juicy berries. But check out that great blazer and tie combo, delightfully buttoned up with some refinement. With UBK Studios you’ll enjoy the added benefit of unlocking that BizBear in all of us. Imbuing your video with some wild beauty that’ll continue to impress folks. Much like a bear who can stand on two legs and wear the heck out of a tan blazer while taking care of business. We thank you for listening to our lil’ origin story, please stop by again to say hello. Let’s talk soon about how we can take care of your business by letting BizBear add some gnarly to your video experience and reconnect folks with the wild inside.

BizBear Progression

Artwork by Andy Brinkman

What #BizBear means to All of Us

Tucking in the loose strings of a wild creature personifies BizBear in all his glory. Grabbing madly at all the potential energy in the world around him; cold creek salmon, wild raspberries, negligent unaware hikers. BizBear consumes them all to produce his favorite medium, moving pictures. BizBear is the wild creative creature in all of us that we are able to put a coat on and have stand upright. A beautiful, dangerous power, buttoned up and groomed for a meeting in a boardroom to talk business.