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Pilot: Second Wind

Kevin (Mitch Conti), just got out of a ten year long relationship, and he's only in his twenties. To get him out of his funk, his best friend, David (Nathan Hennenfent) is setting him up with an acquaintance of his, Marta (Katy Foley). Her dog sitting task turns into a first date as Kevin agrees to help her out. David, on the other hand, gets into a whole world of trouble as he mistakes a carjacker for the woman of his dreams in Jennifer (Atra Asdou).

Insanity ensues as Marta and Kevin cross paths with two small time crooks (Mitchell Brinkman & Susaan Jamshidi) and David enters a night that he wasn't prepared for. 



One night. One bar. One bathroom. Peek in to one group's odd night out. 



Our first show, BUBKES (bub-kiss), with hosts Brian and Mitch, introduces the world to a show about just that; nothing. Every week our hosts bring you tales of the past along with conversation that we can guarantee will end up being about movies, TV, and pop culture. 


Top fives just got interesting.

UBK and guests sit down to hash out who has the best list with topics ranging from the unofficial to the super official. The rules are simple. Make your list. Share your list. Defend your list.

Creepy Kansas City hobo clown portrait examined.

Top 5 Kenny Rogers album titles we wish existed.

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